Hans Premium Water Appliance

The HANS Premium Water Appliance is a reverse osmosis system that cleans and naturally softens water at the source, letting you enjoy top-quality water from every place in your home. Unlike traditional softening systems that rely on pre-treatment chemicals and salts, the HANS Premium Water Appliance uses an innovative, five-stage filtering process to remove harmful contaminants,* chemicals, and odors, all while adding healthy minerals to improve taste. *Select contaminants may require pre-treatment.

Benefits of the HANS Premium Water Appliance

CLEANER WATER Removes key contaminants* including lead, PFOS, nitrates, and arsenic to deliver water that exceeds federal health cleanliness standards across all taps in your home. *Depends on water feed contaminant levels. LOWER MAINTENANCE Enjoy the assurance of a 20-year limited warranty backing your purchase, along with virtually no upkeep thanks to a daily high-turbulence micro-burst self-cleaning feature. EASIER TO MONITOR An intuitive app makes it easy to check water usage, filter status, and membrane life, all with the ability to set service alerts to keep your system running seamlessly. BETTER WATER IN THE HOME
  • Extends the lifecycle of appliances
  • Offers cleaner, softer laundry
  • Cleans cars to a residue- and streak-free shine
  • Softens and shines hair
  • Leaves skin clean and scent-free
  • Improves oral health
  • Improves taste for drinking and cooking
  • Leaves dishes clean and residue-free
  • Prevents scratches on cookware
HANS by Culligan is produced locally in Wixom, MI.